Oats with Banana & Chocolate

Chocolate Banana Oat

Overnight chocolate banana oats are a quick and easy recipe to make in a few minutes. It is a healthy and beneficial breakfast. You can use it in Ramzan and feel good.

Total Time

5 minutes



How to Make It

Today, I am sharing you how to make Chocolate Banana Oat.

Step 1

Add all ingredients in a glass and mix well. Cover it and refrigerator for 5-6 hours or overnight.


Step 2

After cooling, again mix well and garnish with chocolate chunks and banana slices. Serving and enjoying it.

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½ Cup Instant oats
1 tbs Chia seeds
¼ Cup Yogurt
1 Banana sliced
1 tbs Chocolate chunks
½ tbs Cocoa powder
1 Cup Milk
For garnish: Chocolate chunks & Banana slices

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