Ginger Lemonade

Ginger Lemonade Recipes

Fresh ginger is also beneficial for your health. When you can use lemon, it is better for weight loss. The Ginger Lemonade drink defends your body from disease.

Total Time

15 minutes



How to Make It

I am sharing with you how to make Ginger Lemonade easily at home.

Step 1

Firstly wash the ginger and do not peel it. Grated the ginger and add the juicer machine. Add the lemon juice and sugar. Then add the water and blend.

Step 2

Blended until sugar dissolves.
Take a mug and strain the juice in it. Add the few ice lemon piece, and mint leaves (optional) for a pop of color.

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5 cup filtered water
3.5 oz ginger fresh
1.5 cup lemon juice
0.5 cup honey or other natural sweetener

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