How To Make Lemon Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is good for health. If you’re taking lemon ginger tea, you may feel relief within a few hours. Ginger tea can be consumed at any time of day. Lemon Ginger Tea is best for weight loss.

Total Time

10 minutes



How to Make It

I will share in this article how to make lemon ginger tea with honey.

Step 1

First, cut the ginger in the slice. Then get out the juice to this ginger slice. Squeeze the well. Divide ginger slice juice into two mugs.

Step 2

Boil the water in the pot. After boiling this water add the ginger slice juice to a mug.

Step 3

Please get 1 lemon and squeeze the well in the mug. When you like the honey, add the honey Stir well, and enjoy the lemon ginger tea.

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1 lemon
2cm piece root ginger, finely sliced
Honey to taste

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