The Rasmalai Recipes

The Rasmalai recipe is so tested. It is a sweet and delicious dish. You can make this recipe every season and enjoy it with the family.

Total Time



6-7 people

How to Make It

This recipe is making time but you can easily make Rasmalai in just a few minutes if you follow this instruction. When you cook the Rasmalai you feel good, so the smell of ingredients is sweet. I will share this recipe; you must try and follow this instruction.

Step 1

Prepare Saffron Milk

First, enter fresh milk (1 liter) in the pot and stove on medium. When it is boiled, add the saffron strands, green cardamom, sugar, pistachios, almonds. Cook on low flame until milk is reduced to half. Keep boiling 12-15 minutes and mixing in between.

Step 2

Prepare Rasmalai Balls

Add fresh cream milk to the pot and bring it to a boil. When it boils remove the pot on the stove and go on cool. When the temperature is down, pour in the water and lemon juice. Mix in a good way. Until milk is made in the shapes of curdles. Switch off the stove.

When making the complete curdles, drain them up in a thin clean muslin cloth. Then, rinse with tap water to remove lemon juice completely. Curdles squeeze well. There mash well for 10 minutes until it's smooth. Add the cornflour and knead again for 5 minutes. Make the smooth Rasmalai balls with no cracks. You can make the 13 or 14 balls.

Step 3

Prepare Sugar Syrup

Bring 1 cup of water in the pot put it on the stove. Then add the sugar and cook on a high flame. When sugar is dissolved enter the balls in sugar syrup cook. Cover pot and cook the balls for 12-15 minutes or until balls double in size. Turn off the flame and pour the few ice cubes. Wait for 7-8 minutes until all ice cubes melt.

Step 4

Preparation plate

Add prepare Saffron milk to the dish. Pour the Rasmalai balls. Take off the Rasmalai to a plate and do decoration on the plate. Then pour on the rasamlai ball pistachios, almonds, and saffron. The plate looks nice and refrigerates for 3-4 hours. Now you enjoy Rasmalai with the family.

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Milk (Full cream fresh milk) 1 liter
Saffron strands (Zafran) 1 pinch
Green cardamom (Hari elaichi) 5-6
Sugar 6 tbs to taste
Pistachios (Pista) 1 & ½ tbs
Badam (Almonds) 1 & ½ tbs
Milk (Full cream fresh milk) 1 & ½ liter
Water ¼ Cup
Lemon juice 3-4 tbs
Corn flour 2 tsp
Sugar 1 Cup
Water 1 liter
Few ice cubes

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