Recipe And Safety Disclaimer

Thank you for visiting Ms Recipes. I hope you enjoy the recipes found at Ms Recipes.

I am neither a professional chef nor an experienced recipe developer. I am just a person who likes cooking and posting home-cooked food. Most of my recipes are created based on my experience in a professional kitchen in the past and my own personal taste, some are inherited from my mother. I test every recipe and post it based on my own experience.

The end result of the recipe depends on several factors – ingredients, types of equipment, the reader’s cooking ability, judgement capabilities. Ms Recipes or its writers do not take responsibility for the outcome of the recipe found on our website or linked to any other source.


The reader must take the responsibility to review the listed ingredients before cooking to ensure none of the ingredients causes potential adverse effects to anyone consuming the food. Adverse effects include allergies, issues arising due to health-related restricted-diet, pregnancy-related effects.


Cooking with kids is fun and equally messy but it is a great bonding time and creates memorable moments. However, child safety measures should be given the highest priority.

Readers must take utmost safety measures when handling the kids in the kitchen. It is readers responsibility to supervise and assist the child all the time and ensure all the necessary protection measures are taken and appropriate clothing is provided. Ensure to monitor the child while handling electrical appliances.

Although there is no definite age to introduce kids in the kitchen tasks, the reader as a parent/guardian should take the responsibility to judge the child’s capabilities and assign the tasks accordingly.

Do not allow small children to handle electrical appliances, sharp objects such as knife, oven and hob. Take extra care when kids are near hot surfaces and hot equipments.


I try my best to estimate accurate prep and cooking time for recipes on Ms Recipes. However, it might differ from person to person. I take less than half a minute to finely chop an onion, whereas my husband takes more than a minute! I prefer to multitask to save time but my husband cannot do multitask!

When planning to make a dish, please take into account that experience in the kitchen, ability to multitask during cooking, whether you are chopping your vegetables just before cooking or use pre-chopped vegetables. These factors are certainly going to affect prep and cooking times.

The recipes on Ms Recipes might take a longer or shorter time to create than indicated on the recipe card.


Nutrition information provided for recipes on Ms Recipes is estimated and for guidance only.  I am not a dietician or nutritionist and I don’t have any medical training at all. All the values provided are for information purpose only.

The varying factors such as product type and brands purchased can change the nutritional values in any given recipe. Other factors may affect the values such as the amount of salt, spices and sweetener that are listed “as required”, it is not calculated into the recipe as the amount will vary. To obtain accurate nutritional values, you should calculate in your preferred calculator with actual ingredients used in your recipe. Under no circumstances, Ms Recipes or its owner will be held responsible for loss or damage caused as a result of your reliance on nutritional information.


I always welcome feedback, positive or negative, in the comments and rating sections of Ms Recipes’s recipe post. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about the ingredients, instructions or anything related to the recipe. I try my best to provide you with as much information as possible. However, I reserve the right to edit the typos or delete the comment if it is rude or offensive. Low rating should not be used if you haven’t tried the recipe or if you’ve drastically altered the recipe so that the outcome is not as expected.

I really hope the recipe comes out as you expect it to be, but sometimes it might not! Not everyone shares the same taste for food. Cooking is a personal and creative process, everyone is unique and has their own preferences, a culinary style. Take the recipes on Ms Recipes as a base and feel free to customise to suit your palate.

Happy Cooking 🙂